Meet Your Instructor - Matt Gloyd

Matt is a doctor of physical therapy, entrepreneur, presenter, pioneer, and expert in vibration therapy. He discovered his affinity for physical therapy while studying Physiology and playing Division 1 football at the University of Arizona. Matt accepted that injuries were common for athletes and recognized that first class treatments from knowledgeable healthcare providers meant a faster return to the field of play. He decided that facilitating an athlete’s rehabilitation would allow him to remain heavily involved in sports.

Matt developed his passion and philosophy of providing the most personal healthcare possible when oncologists, surgeons, nurses, therapists, volunteers and family focused one on one with him to help him become a Cancer survivor. Matt understands that people want to return to the gridiron or the golf course while many more people just need to be able to perform activities of daily living.

Meet Your Instructor - Aaron Spivey, PT, DPT

Co-founder of Targeted Vibration Therapy & Vibration Release Techniques

With over 10 years of clinical experience Aaron's passion for innovation and better movement is driven by both the art and science of human kinetics. He worked with Matt Gloyd to establish the clinical concepts behind Targeted Vibration Therapy.

In addition to developing the TVT curriculum, Aaron pioneered the Vibration Release Techniques certification course which functions to streamline clinical success using targeted vibration and Vibration Release Techniques to address common musculoskeletal conditions.

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