Mechanical Vibration Theories

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Pre-Certification Materials

This self-paced course was designed to introduce medical professionals to the working concepts of TVT.

Other devices such as the Theragun, Hyper-volt and Deep Muscle Stimulator apply a percussive load to body tissues. The nature of the pistoning action these devices employ limit their use over joints and delicate tissues such as in the cervical region.

Additional modalities like ASTYM and dry needling can be used to treat pain and soft tissue disfunction; however, these modalities are invasive, time consuming, less dynamic and are often uncomfortable for the patient.

Vibration Release Techniques

Vibration Release Techniques (VRT), is the manner in which targeted vibration therapy is applied. The VRT methods and protocols instruct users on the best practice to apply TVT for therapeutic gains, freeing movement restrictions and treating specific orthopedic conditions.

Passive VS Active

Clinical application can be active or passive depending on the desired therapeutic effect.

Test : Re-test

It is important to capture a clinical baseline to assess the effectiveness of the chosen Vibration Release Technique.

Static VS Dynamic

Should the targeted tissue be lengthened or at rest? Is the tissue a pain source or adaptively shortened? These are factors to consider when selecting the appropriate vibration release technique.

Stationary VS Functional

It is important to consider the patient’s physical status before determining the proper vibration release technique. What is the purpose for application, and is the targeted tissue and patient prepared for the somatic stress of treatment.

Pre-Op VS Post-Op

While it is important to protect surgical integrity, Vibration Release Techniques can play an important role in accelerating surgical outcomes in the days, even hours following an orthopedic operation.

Performance VS Recovery

Pre-Activity or Post-Activity: Vibration Release Techniques can be used to prepare tissue for function or aid in tissue relief.

Acute VS Chronic

Whether the condition is acute or chronic, movement is the cornerstone to healing. Vibration Release Techniques can be used to treat scar tissue and/or discourage fascial densification, creating less restrictive movement.

Activate VS Inhibit

Vibration Release Techniques can be used to prepare muscular tissue for contraction or stretch.

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