Vibration Release Techniques


Designed for:

  • Online CEU’s
  • Personal Trainers
  • Massage Therapists


This course will introduce professionals to the working concepts of Targeted Vibration Therapy (TVT) and Vibration Release Techniques (VRT), as they relate to the myofascial system. TVT has been found in clinical practice to achieve greater joint range of motion and myofascial elasticity when compared to traditional modalities and manual therapy techniques.

This course will review the relative muscle physiology, fascial anatomy, sensory receptor function, and the mechanisms of normal stretching to better understand the working theories behind the effects of targeted vibration therapy and its current applications.

Overall, this course aims to enrich the professionals understanding of the myofascial system while providing a novel approach to addressing pain, range of motion deficits and soft tissue restrictions.


This course is approved for 5 CEU hours through ISSA

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